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Here are five Linux distributions you should know about when looking for a Linux distro that is focused around security and privacy.As a new year comes we all are excited to know what is new in the world of Linux.It means that the pre-installed applications make Linux Mint usable instantly after the installation.

Fedora 26 Fedora is a distribution sponsored by RedHat and stands out for including features and technologies that are not common in other distributions.Fedora is a community developed operating system based on the commercial Linux distro Red Hat.

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The developers have created their own components, including the desktop environment.

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The open source operating system works well without any freezing or slowing down and is designed to.Very Small Linux Distros for 2017: We have advanced into the new millennium of better technology which brought along better hardware.Linux Mint is also relentlessly dedicated on improving the desktop of today, while the Ubuntu project is working on a smartphone operating system, creating new software package formats, and entirely rewriting the Unity desktop for phone-PC convergence.Additionally, they choose only those applications that fit into the design paradigm.

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Fedora 26 is scheduled for June 2017 (if nothing fails) and certainly will come with the more refined Wayland graphics server.You can get started with elementary OS here. 3. Ubuntu Ubuntu Linux has long reigned the king of user-friendly Linux.Its focus is on stability rather than constant updates, which in turn greatly reduces the risk of crashes and errors.July 13, 2017 Jio Effect: Aircel Offers 84GB Data, Unlimited Calls At Rs. 348 Internet July 13, 2017 Tech Viral is an all rounder in tech field.Examples include Debian, Ubuntu and Red Hat (among many others).A distro, or distribution, is tech-talk for a Linux operating system (OS).In this article, we bring to you the best 5 Linux distros that is free and readily available to install. 1. Linux Mint Linux Mint is a community-driven Linux distribution based on Debian and Ubuntu that strives to be a modern, elegant and comfortable operating system which is both powerful and easy to use.

Linux Mint is a modern and one of the best Linux Distributions.With us in 2017, which Linux distributions can make a difference.

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Ever since it was introduced, Linux has been gaining rapid popularity among users.It is the vehicle to introduce the Pantheon desktop environment, similar to how Linux Mint introduced the Cinnamon desktop environment before Cinnamon was available in other Linux distributions. elementary OS is quite strict about the holistic look and feel.

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If you want to test a Linux distro you can always use the Live CD.Top 10 Linux distros for developers in 2017 - posted in Technology: More popular versions of Linux such as Ubuntu focus on enhancing the user experience by.

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Previously known as Cinnarch (since combined the desktop environment Cinnamon and the base of the Arch), this is a modern distribution that now offers multiple graphics work environment (GNOME 3 (default)), Cinnamon, Razor-qt Xfce.

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Watch 5 Best Linux Distros Of 2017 full hd download mp4 3gp,There are no. of linux distributions for several purposes used by ZKvYl,ILTECHS.The Budgie has a clean graphical environment and works very smooth.

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Ubuntu Budgie Ubuntu Budgie (formerly of Budgie Remix ) are other distributions that we must be vigilant.

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In the Linux world, there are hundreds of different flavors of distro.

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Best Linux Distros For Kids — Top 5 Free Operating Systems. April. here are the top 5 best Linux distribution for kids.

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