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Displays your current Internet Protocol (IP) address and location with Google Maps - Latitude, Longitude, Host Name, Country Name, City and other.Consider your IP address a unique personal identification number, and.

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These two search engines will allow you to quickly find your external, or public, IP address.In the case of addresses owned by corporations, addresses also tend to be distributed across multiple different branch offices.Our IP Address Locator lets you find the location of IP Addresses for free.These systems work well for travelers seeking Internet access.Sometimes, this means the computer will get a new IP address, too, especially if the computer was unplugged from the network between leases.Lookup any IP with the IPAddress.com tool, use it on any Domain, Host, or IP address online.

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Find a geolocation of an IP address including latitude, longitude, city, region and country.Thousands of wireless hotspots are available for public use around the world.

Any one website should be enough, but is there any harm in bookmarking.

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About. freegeoip.net provides a public HTTP API for software developers to search the geolocation of IP addresses.

Free Google Locate IP Address and Domain Lookup Service with Whois Map, Country Map, Region Map,City Map and free XML Interface to query Whois Geolocate information.Your location as seen from the Internet using your IP address and the new HTML5 geolocation feature.

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Your location is instantly obtainable with just your IP address.

Enforcing the law - The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and other agencies may use geolocation to find people illegally swapping media files on the Internet, although typically they work directly with Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

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The IP2Location(tm) technology utilizes IP addresses to uncover information about an Internet user including location, coordinates, domain name, and ISP to name a few.

IP pools have approximate locations of the organization to which the IP address is assigned to.Besides satisfying general curiosity, advanced Web sites can also dynamically change the content shown to each visitor based on their location.IP address lookup, location, proxy detection, email tracing, IP hiding tips, blacklist check, speed test, and forums.Finding spammers - Individuals being harassed online often want to trace the IP address of email or instant messages.

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Several online services allow you to search for the geographic location of an IP address by entering it into a simple Web form.Addresses may be associated only with a very broad geographic area (e.g., a large city, or a state).

However, these networks may be deployed in a different location than that of the owning entity.Google might use your IP address to guess where you are and give you local results.

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We offer free IP location demo up to 50 IP addresses per day for unregistered user.Is it possible to find the geographic location of a computer from it's IP address?.

The Real-Time Visitor API tracks all visitors to your site by IP address.

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