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Proceed to the next section to see information about configuring clientless remote access to file shares.Microsoft Outlook Express versions 5.5 and 6.0 have been tested.To remove the Netegrity agent URL, use the no form of this command.The following is sample output from the show webvpn install command, entered with the file keyword.The following example configures a hostname for a SSL VPN gateway.This command is configured to attach the policy group to the SSL VPN context when multiple policy groups are defined under the context.The following sample output from the show webvpn nbns command, entered with the context all keywords.When the login-message command is entered without the optional text string, no login message is displayed.

The home page of the user (as defined by the user group) is opened automatically or, if configured by the administrator, the user is directed to a new website.Entering the citrix-enabled command configures Citrix support for the policy group.This can be in the form of a textual message at program startup or in documentation (online or textual) provided with the package.

To disable a SSL VPN gateway or context process without removing the configuration from the router configuration file, use the no form of this command.

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See the examples in this section for a complete configuration example.Configures a local pool of IP addresses to be used when a remote peer connects to a point-to-point interface.

The following example enables CSD support for SSL VPN sessions.Adding a CIFS Server URL List and Attaching It to a Policy List: Example.Exits webvpn port-forward list configuration mode, and enters webvpn context configuration mode.The legacy SSL VPN Client (SVC) supports the following operating systems on the remote PC.Displays the installation status of Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client or CSD client software packages.The following example shows that the text color will be black.The following is sample output from the show webvpn install command, entered with the package svc keywords.To clear SSL VPN remote user sessions, use the clear webvpn session command in privileged EXEC mode.

To configure a Citrix application access filter, use the filter citrix command in webvpn group policy configuration mode.These enhancements provide updated examples and explanation of the Web VPN GUIs.

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Entering a gateway name displays the IP address and CA trustpoint.In this task, the aaa authentication command is not configured under the SSL VPN context configuration.

For release information about a specific command, see the command reference documentation.If the command is not used to attach a URL list to a policy group, then a URL list is not attached to a group policy.

SSL is an article comparing and contrasting internet protocol security (IPSec) virtual private networks (VPN) with secure sockets layer (SSL).To configure timeout timers to default values, use the no form of this command.Note In Cisco IOS 12.2SX releases, IP and IPX-extended access lists are the only types of access lists that can use time ranges.Use this command following the acl command to specify conditions under which a packet cannot pass the named access list.

The following example configures a limit of 500 user connections that will be accepted by the SSL VPN.The feature provides remote users with secure VPN connections to the router platforms supported by SSL VPN and to the Cisco 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances.To remove the number of retries that were set, use the no form of this command.In either scenario, the remote user must have local administrative privileges.Configures the time and method that a tunnel key is refreshed for policy group end users.URL of a web server in which the Cisco SiteMinder web agent is running.A CSD or Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client package file is not installed to a WebVPN gateway.Configuring Local AAA Authentication for SSL VPN User Sessions.

To set the storage location, administrators can use the user-profile location command.Site-to-site IPsec connectivity between the main and remote sites is unaltered.Configures the Netegrity agent URL to which SSO authentication requests will be dispatched.

The webvpn install command is used to install the software installation package to the distribution cache.It allows administrators to configure an SSO server that sets a SiteMinder cookie in the browser of a user when the user initially logs on.Failure to quit the window properly can cause Thin Client or the applications to be disabled.Cisco IOS SSL VPN is a licensed feature available on Cisco routers running the Cisco IOS Advanced Security feature set.Effective with Cisco IOS Release 12.4(11)T, Netegrity cookie-based SSO is integrated with SSL VPN.The Java applet acts as a TCP proxy on the client machine for the services that you configure on the gateway.The SSL VPN gateway acts as a proxy for connections to protected resources.The following default values are used if this command is not configured or if the no form is entered.

Enters enter webvpn URL list configuration mode to configure the list of URLs to which a user has access on the portal page of an SSL VPN.To remove the domain from the policy group configuration, use the no form of this command.The number of active connections and bytes that are sent and received is also listed on this window.Because there is no mangling involved and the client can cache the objects, performance is much improved over previous options for configuring the HTTP proxy and portal page.A defined ACL can be overridden by an individual user when the user logs on to the gateway (using AAA policy attributes).To remove CSD support from the SSL VPN context configuration, use the no form of this command.The following example, starting in global configuration mode, configures full Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client tunnel support on an SSL VPN gateway.

The following output example displays information about SSO ticket creation, session setup, and response handling.Defines the filter on the basis of an extended access list (ACL).Note Later versions of the following browsers are also supported.When you enter the ip keyword, you must use the specific command syntax shown for the IP form of the permit command.Before closing, the applet undoes configuration Steps 2 and 3.

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