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If you can connect to a web page while using Ethernet, the problem may stem from your router.

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Resetting your router will also disconnect every device you have connected to the router.If resetting the router does indeed resolve the DNS issues, consider picking up a newer router if yours is more than a couple of years old.Among other technologies, a protocol called DNS helps your computer find that server.How to Find Your IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and DNS Servers.Allow both your modem and your router to sit for at least 30 seconds.

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Each DNS Server should point to the other as primary and itself as secondary.This article provides the information you need to understand what DNS servers do before you Find the Best DNS Server.Click on Properties button and Look for Preferred DNS Server: You Can Use The Public DNS Servers.Scroll down to DNS 1 and DNS 2 and enter your preferred DNS.

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The active connection should display all settings, including DNS server.All steps were very clearly explained and I was able to go through them systematically until I found one that fixed the problem.Your internet provider is most likely having some trouble and their DNS server will not be available until they fix it themselves.Windows - Click Disable this network device at the top of the window.

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Mac - Click the minus sign ( - ) at the bottom of the network window.

Log in to your computer. Make note of the first IP address listed, as this is your preferred DNS server address.

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Managing DNS In Windows Server 2012. similar to how my Mac Server brethren have gotten tired of it in Lion. define servers that your server uses to resolve DNS.

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Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes.The DNS Check in Pingdom Tools will check your DNS health and help you find errors, and verify that you domain name has been set up correctly.If the issues are resolved, uninstalling and then reinstalling your old browser will likely fix the problem.The nixCraft, takes a lot of my time and hard work to. how to find out then preferred DNS server and Alternate.

If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know.A DNS Server is a computer that completes the process of name resolution in DNS.

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I followed these steps, and now my connections are perfect again like before.Right click on local area connection and then select internet properties.

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After resetting your DNS cache, your computer will load websites a little bit slower the first time you visit them.The computer network adapter has the IP address for example simple restart and unplugging the router may have enabled me to get on with my previous task.

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